How can I help you??

You want fries with that?

You want fries with that?

When was the last time you were able to access, buy, search or just attempt to navigate away from anywhere on the Internet without being bombarded with media overload? Seriously, google, yahoo, they’re in the game now. “Was this answer helpful? What can we have done to make it better?” I know you say you’re only trying to help the consumer, but we have it pretty good already, thanks.

I’m beginning to wonder how long it’s going to take before we as a race are so over dependent on the computer and cell phone, that we are simply their symbiotic servants?

It’s quickly becoming obvious to me that we, on a collective whole, think these incredibly life altering machines just aren’t doing enough. So the race is constantly on to see who is coming out with newest version of think even less 2.1, in time for the holidays!! We live on a holiday people, let me try and help you see.

Think back, if you can, it’s okay you can use your computer for this one if you need the help. think back to our not so distant past, even say 100 years ago. How did they ever survive? I’m sure, no I guarantee if we today were hurled into the existence they enjoyed, we would go the way of the dinosaur for the most part. Laugh if you will, but he who laughs last…..

100 years ago you’re thinking maybe “but what a simpler time”, whatever, think again. These people did have it comparatively good, next to a caveman. They busted their asses to simply eat everyday, much less worry about dying from one of several now controlled diseases. They didn’t have all the amenities we take for granted, and I’m sure would be ashamed at their family blood lines for becoming the spoiled, gluttonous society we have. Simpler time, whatever!!! Could you imagine being picked up right now wherever you are and simply dropped off alone, no food water or cell phone, 25-50 miles deep into a forest? That would get your attention, if not life depending on the weather and your personal fortitude. Think it’s easy because you caught a couple of episodes of Bear? That’s how tough it is for us today, they make shows out of what your grandparents and great grandparents called “monday” people… Oh and don’t go trying this if you’re not an avid, experienced outdoors person, I don’t want anyone’s blood on my hands trying to prove me wrong.

So is it time for a possible revaluation? Probably, are we all guilty, no. Even if we were we don’t want to face that fact, society has conditioned us to think we are to intelligent for that, to not worry on such matters. Flip on the television or log on to something, ignore it, that is the way of the old, history, the past. All that we have today we owe to people just wanting things a little easier, not to become the sloth like and over indulgent earth inhabitants we have. There have been so many incredible inventions in the last 100 years, because they had to work and think, now most of us don’t do either. We have jobs, but not “work” like they worked at surviving, simply trying to live. We know who does the thinking these days. Well a majority of the “tough” stuff anyway, as far finding a route somewhere or staying in contact with a loved one, oh that’s been covered too… I’ll get back to you on what we consider “tough”.

So maybe we should all take some time and appreciate these things we’ve been blessed with, by taking a break and learning how and why they are truly here for us. Maybe learn something about your not so distant past, and begin to separate a little from the dependency we have allowed ourselves to fall into. You know a little time teaching yourself about these things isn’t that awful, it can be entertaining and funny at times. Remember he who laughs last………